NBC can’t make money selling ads for $2 million.

I hate Steelers fans, plain and simple. I think they smell and often forget they shouldn’t be happy to be living in Pittsburgh. With that aside, the Super Bowl which the Steelers won, lost NBC $45 million even though they were selling 30 second ads for over $2 million. Paaaaaathetic.

The loss contributed to a 45 percent plunge in first-quarter profit for NBC Universal, according to corporate parent GE, which released earnings yesterday.

It’s no secret the broadcast networks lose money on their football deals because of the huge rights fees the NFL extracts. TV execs consider football a loss leader that brings in a reliable flow of viewers

Some are speculating NBC is reporting their losses to protest the NFL’s high rights fees, but we all know its because of one single thing:

Pittsburgh sucks.

As a voting citizen in this great democracy we call the United States, my proposal to NBC and the NFL is to keep the Steelers out of any future Super Bowls because Pittsburgh is such a crappy place. Actually, I take all that back, sorry Pittsburgh.

[Ed Note: No seriously, Pittsburgh does suck.]


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