Carl Edwards got f*@%#&d up!

I’m assuming all my readers are exactly like me and watch any type of Nascar coverage they show on TV and can’t wait for Sundays to watch the actual races. Actually, I should assume all my readers can decipher sarcasm in my posts. Anyways, Nascar rolled into Talladega this past week and it all culminated with a crazy crash on the last lap of the race as Carl Edwards car got absolutely DESTROYED after getting a bump from the eventual winner Brad Keselowski (who’s name I can spell because of the luxury of copy+paste). Keselowski was not at fault for the wreck because Edwards had gone below the one of the white lines (sorry, I don’t know Nascar rules), and actually pointed that out at least five times in the post-race interview. I just wish something like this could happen every week, because I would definitely start watching Nascar consistently.

Talladega is known for it’s crashes and Edwards slam into the fence wasn’t the only big crash of the day. Check this out:


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One Response to “Carl Edwards got f*@%#&d up!”

  1. Dunnegan Says:

    Im not really a big fan of Nascar racing, and neither is my husband. Our son who is 6 years old is a die hard Nascar fan. Don’t ask me were he go this from, but anyways I am sick of watching it on TV thats for sure. My only solution is this Carrera 1/43 NASCAR set of tracks that includes everything my little rugrat needs to play and watch his nascars somewhere else besides the TV. My question for anyone that has it already. Does it really keep your kid busy? Thats the only reason I got it, since he has a TV addiction, and if I replace it with the Carrera Slot car track I figured it would be a nice alternative for not only me but the rest of the poor souls in my household that have to put up with the hamster cage track racing event we call a sport lol!

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