Cardinals fans really want their cheap beer.


The St. Louis Cardinals opened their new stadium in 2006, creatively named “Busch Stadium” (I say that because that was the name of the old one too). You’d think they would serve Busch beer there, but surprisingly, they don’t. From the River Front Times:

Until this year the “cold as a mountain stream, smooth as its name” beverage had been available at nearly all of the dozens of stand-alone beer vendors found inside the ballpark’s concourses. This year those same vendors only offer Budweiser, Bud Light and Bud Select. And they do so only in 16-ounce, plastic bottles that sell for $7.75.

When I asked a vendor Wednesday night where I could get a Busch beer, she informed me that only three locations in the entire ballpark serve the libation.

Today I received an e-mail from a public-relations firm representing Sportservice claiming that Busch is actually served in “10-15” locations in the ballpark. (You can now find St. Louis micro-brew Schlafly at nearly that many locations.)

You know why beer is so expensive at sports events? To encourage you to get drunk in the parking lot. What’s the point of drinking an expensive beer that sucks when you can upgrade for a dollar more? Dumbassery, that’s what.


One Response to “Cardinals fans really want their cheap beer.”

  1. Peterman Says:

    whats better than cheap beer?

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