Former mediocre New Jersey Nets player Jayson Williams had a quiet weekend in New York. He spent a few nice days in a luxurious Manhattan hotel, just relaxing and drinking orange juice out of the mini-bar.

That’s actually not true. Jayson Williams trashed his room and got tased by the police. From The New York Daily News:

The 6-foot-10 former All-Star called his mother around 1 a.m. Things quickly went downhill as he became distraught and apparently started downing sleeping pills and anti-depressants.

A worried woman called cops around 4a.m., possibly from the room. Police smashed down the door to get inside.

The towering, 325-pound star fought back and police had to use the stun guns to subdue him. It took two sets of handcuffs to restrain him, cops said.

“He was barricaded, drinking, taking pills. He was overwhelmed,” a police source said. “It all came crashing down.”

Cops found several suicide notes, including a message scrawled on the wall.

This just gives Williams another chance to spend more time in court, a place he seems to call home these days. Williams is facing a re-trial for manslaughter in the 2002 murder of his chauffeur and going through a woman-who-doesn’t-love-you-and-wants-all-your-money.

Williams was found with five prescriptions, a hypodermic needle and human growth hormone in his room. Don’t know why he would still be taking HGH considering his playing days have been over for a while. I’m guessing he shoots up the HGH, tries on a dress, thinks he looks fat in it, then trashes the room before the cops kick down the door and lay down some whoop-ass on the former NBA star. That sounds about right.


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