Redskins Draft Wrap-Up: Orakpwnd.

DC Sports Bog: Steinberg has some fast facts on the Redskins first-round pick, Brian Orakpo. Personal favorite:

He uses boxing as an offseason conditioning drill, once telling the AP that “When I first started I didn’t know how hard boxing was. Street fighting and boxing are two different things.”

Kevin Barnes hits hard: With the 80th pick, the ‘Skins took Kevin Barnes, a cornerback from Maryland and if the video in the link says anything about his play in the NFL, some receivers may get a little sick to their stomach going up against him. Did I mention he ran a 4.49 at the combine? Yeah, that’s fast. Oh and he scored a 41 on the Wonderlic. Yeah, that’s smart.

Pick 158: Cody Barnes won’t need to scalp tickets with a league minimum ($285,000). Scalping tickets is an NCAA infraction but Barnes was found NOT TO BE AT FAULT (I want to point this out to be ‘responsible’).

Not this Robert Henson: With the 186th pick, the Redskins took, drum roll please, Robert Henson LB from TCU. Marcus Washington is gone now and the ‘Skins need a backer to fill his shoes. He probably won’t play as a rookie in the starting roll but can add depth on a great in the coming years. TCU had the second ranked defense in the NCAA and Henson was a big reason for that.

“Decent Athlete”: Hogs Haven was nice enough to say the 221st pick, Eddie Williams, is a “decent athlete.” I take offense to this. The author is most likely a mediocre athlete who only played four downs during his high school career when his team was down 47 points in his last game.

Pick 243 Marko Mitchell: I had the chance to see Marko Mitchell in person this season and he is exactly what says about him: “one of the country’s most feared threats.” Mitchell had a number of catches including a 60-yard play to finish the half, which is the second highlight in this video. He jukes Willie Moore on the three-line and you try feel bad for Moore.

Undrafted Free Agents (Washington Redskins Blog): The ‘Skins picked up 15 UFAs including spread-offense guru/potential assistant coach Chase Daniel out of Mizzou. The team also looked at Mizzou’s other quarterback Chase Patton (now on the Bears) and Graham Harrell (now on the Browns) but ultimately decided on Daniel. My thought as of now is the ‘Skins cut the veteran Todd Collins and Daniel and Colt Brennan fight for the back-up. In full disclosure, I’m a big Colt Brennan fan and would hope he takes the starting role over Jason Campbell.

BOOM! That’s all for this wrap-up. Looking forward to the 2010 Draft!


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