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DeMarre Carroll prospect video.

May 29, 2009

The Mizzou forward has been told he’s a virtual lock for the second round in the upcoming NBA draft. I don’t know how effective he would be in the league, but I do think there’s a chance he could be a workhorse on a good team. If he ends up going late in the first round, he could be competing for a championship early in his career.



Rachel Alexandra crushed my dreams.

May 29, 2009


Just add this to the list of why I really dislike the Triple Crown races. Preakness Stakes winner, Rachel Alexandria, will not be running in the Belmont Stakes. Jess Jackson, the philly’s owner, says the girl just needs a rest frm beating up on the boys. Rachel Alexandra did not race in the Kentucky Derby, won by Mine That Bird, preventing her from winning the Triple Crown.

It’s frustrating when this kind of thing happens during the three most important races of the year. I get my hopes up every year about a horse winning the Triple Crown only to have my dreams dashed by an owner. I do understand the safety of the horse is important, but it’s tough not being able to see a horse win it all in your lifetime. It happened three times in the 70’s and hasn’t happened since. It’s a damn shame.

Jockey Calvin Borel will have a chance to win a personal Triple Crown with Mine That Bird. Good luck to him. I guess…


May 29, 2009

The Hastily made Cleveland tourism video is one of my favorite internet memes. It’s funny and it speaks the truth. So what more could you want from Mike Polk, the creator of the video? If you answered “a video making fun of the inside the NBA crew on TNT,” then I agree with you good sir. And I grant you this: (The fun starts around 2:03)

And if you havent seen the original video BOOM here you go:

Lee Corso had a ahihsisdhgiohoibn…. stroke.

May 29, 2009

lee corso

Not something you want to see and not something I want to report but college gameday’s Lee Corson has apparently suffered a stroke according to ESPN. Nothing to say other than the hopes and prayers of The Nine Commandments are with the Corso family right now. Get better Lee, I want to see you announcing at the Mizzou-Illinois game in St Louis in 99 days. Seriously, get better my man.

I don’t wanna get into this but I’m comparing browsers now.

May 29, 2009


Yeahhhhhhhhhh so everything crashed last night and Firefox has been giving me problems to the point where I can’t even use it anymore. I’ve un-installed it and re-installed it and it still crashes within five seconds of loading so I decided to try something new. I already have Safari (I work on a mac) and couldn’t use Google’s Chrome because it’s only comaptiable on PC’s. My last choice, drum roll please… Opera. Yes, Opera. I have to use Opera. Opera. Crap, I can’t believe I’m using Opera.

I didn’t expect a lot from this browser, I actually expected to switch back to Safari within about 5 minutes, but once I figured things out, I really couldn’t stop. First off, I really don’t expect a lot when I’m using a browser other than bookmark use and lighweight useablility.

[Ed note: I’m working off someone’s network who doesn’t know how to configure it correctly. Internet is slow, but it works… sometimes.]

Safari doesn’t help me with the bookmark aspect like Firefox did. With Firefox it’s incredibly easy to find a number of add-ons to make everything easy for me. With Opera, it’s all right there and easy to use. They do have an add-on but using their built-in functions, I can do whatever I want with my bookmark groups. Love it, thanks Opera!

Primary complaint: No twitterfox but I do understand why they don’t have it. Can anyone suggest a good twitter app for Opera?

It’s also a lot easier to organize sub-groups of bookmarks. I have about 100 bookmarks I look at daily and it’s easier to organize them and put them in the places I need to blog the good stuff I find to give to you! Opera is not perfect though, I still miss Firefox.

I loved to use tabs in Firefox and it was extremely easy. Right click, open new tab and boom I can see something new. Opera has all these new fancy new ways of navigating the web like “rewind” and “fast-forward” which I have yet to perfect. There’s a lot of options that seem to help the user secure the links they’re clicking on, but I really don’t care what I click on unless it’s a god damn Rick Astley Rick-Roll god danit. Oh yeah, no spell check. Thanks a lot Opera.

Overall, I think this switch to Opera may be good and I’m looking forward to using this browser. I’ll give a review for Chrome when it comes out on mac. If you have a new application or browser you want me to review on The Nine Commandments send them to me at PAYCE.

The best Kobe-LeBron puppet commercials as chosen by me.

May 29, 2009

Well, here you go.


Mrs. Lewis

The original

A tall glass of OJ…Simpson.

May 29, 2009


There is absolutely nothing better than deceiving OJ into thinking he’s a celebrity for a good reason. Thank you Awkward Family Photos!

Links brought to you by Jessiqa Pace.

May 28, 2009

Jessiqa Pace

Jenson Button won the Grand Prix of Monaco this past weekend, but in all honesty, that’s not the most important thing that happened. The drivers felt they were distracted so much by model Jessiqa Pace and her Martini ad located near the track. Lewis Hamilton actually happened to crash near the large image of the model before it was taken down. In honor of this, here’s a bunch of links and a gallery of the beautiful Pace. Enjoi.

Erin Andrews opened up to Dan Steinberg at the National Spelling Bee. In other news, I need more tissues. [DC Sports Bog]

Clemson whores out one of their athlete-students for our amusement. Thank you Clemson. [Deadspin]

Yo Teach! shows the new movie Funny People has the ability to be hilARIOUS. Oh yeah, Bo Burnham’s in this. [Film Drunk]

The infield at the Indy 500 is the new preakness! [Youtube]

Travis Henry has nothing on this guy. Desmond Hatchett is the father of 21 children with 11 different women, the US record. He’s only 29. [Pacman Jonesin]

How to survive prison if you’re anything like me. [Holy Taco]

The NHL and Capitals official statements on yesterdays steroid allegations. [DC Pro Sports Report]

Oklahoma police SUCK! [Yes but No but Yes]

From the vault. No, from yesterday. Zambrano gets tossed, assaults Gatorade dispenser.

May 28, 2009

Surprise, surprise, Big Z got tossed yesterday in a game against the Pirates while arguing a play at the plate. Zambrano bumped the umpire then tried to throw the ump out to no avail. Touching the umpire at all while arguing usually results in a one-game suspension. After trying to toss the ball into the bleacher seats (and failing), Zambrano took out his anger on his most hated enemy: The Gatorade dispenser. That damn machine had it coming anyway.

In Memoriam: Simona Halep breasts.

May 28, 2009


Last week I posted a video of an up and coming tennis star from Romania, Simona Halep. News in today is that she will be going under the knife during the off season for breast reduction because they apparently “interfere” with her play. I think I speak for all men when I say this is a sad day for men everywhere. And to quote Jonah Hill from Superbad: “That’s like slapping God across the face for giving you a beautiful gift.”

Oh, and here’s a gallery.