Video of the Cowboys practice bubble collapsing.

I figure this is the appropriate place for something like this to happen except the Cowboys usually collapse in the first week of January.

Doesn’t it kind of look like the two guys in the still frame just got caught on candid camera doing something they shouldn’t be? Just something for thought.

|via FanIQ|


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2 Responses to “Video of the Cowboys practice bubble collapsing.”

  1. I like the Cowboys more than I like you. Says:

    I knew you would take this as an opportunity to degrade my team!

    A scouting assistant is paralyzed and a special teams coach broke his neck. Is that really something to laugh about? You wouldn’t be laughing if this happened to your team, would you? Didn’t think so.

  2. akecke Says:

    Well apparently God wanted to hurt people just to watch his team practice.

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