Crosby really is a crybaby.

I know I’m posting this a few days late (and the day after a Caps loss) but it needs to be known: Sidney Crosby is a crybaby. Ovechkin and Crosby scored hat tricks in Game 2 of the Caps-Penguins second round series, OVIs coming first. As is customary, the fans showed their appreciation by throwing all the hats in the house down on the frozen water at the Verizon Center. Apparently Crosby didn’t like it to much and complained to the officials about making an announcement asking fans to stop.

I don’t like Crosby at all, but I can admit that he’s a great player. Being a great player, I’m sure he’s gotten his fair share of hat tricks, including this one in November. Sure doesn’t look like he was complaining to the refs about the hats then.


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