Favre is (maybe) gonna retire!


If you’ve watched ESPN at all during the past year and a half, you’ll know Brett Favre is a total douche. Douche is not a term used lightly to insult a person, but when the WWL reports every time one the guy takes a shit, it gets a little annoying.

This past week Favre met with Vikings’ head coach Brad Childress about being a douche and coming back for another season. Luckily, as Yahoo! Sports has reported, Favre will not sign with the Vikings’ by choosing to stay retarded, retired, I meant retired. Favre is set to announce his decision to stay retired in what will likely be another GD cryfest.

Even though Favre says he will stay retired, there’s a lot of reasons to see another Favre-ESPN circle jerk before he ends up playing for the 49ers, almost make the playoffs, ask to be released instead of staying retired, say he wants to play for the Bears, rebuff them, and the cycle will start all over again. HOORAY! fml.


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