Yeah, like we didn’t see this coming.


As much as people want to deny it and say it isn’t true, college sports are full of dirty business. Exhibit A: The whole University of Southern California athletic department.

First it was Reggie Bush and his family accepting over $100,000 in financial benefits from marketing agents while he was still playing at USC, retroactively costing him his eligibility. The more recent scandal involves OJ Mayo’s playing days at the school as he had reportedly accepted around $30,000 from an LA based marketing company. The NCAA launched separate investigations into the incidents before lumping them together recently.

A new report from ESPN is now saying that head coach Tim Floyd actually paid an associate of Mayo’s, Rodney Guillory, to ensure the former high-school standout would attend USC. There’s a lot of information in the report including Guillory’s association with Mayo and some of the details of the investigation that I’m not going to summarize here, but Floyd handed Guillory an envelope full of $100 bills.

All of this business is obviously extremely dirty and USC will be facing major NCAA violations, but it would be naive to think this kind of thing is only happening at USC. USC was just dumb enough to get caught doing this (or they were specifically targeted by the NCAA). It’s obvious that with the power of boosters and the amount of money they can throw around, this is no isolated incident.

Last year the New York Times documented the recruiting process, following heralded defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland through his decision on what school to attend. While it was never explicitly stated, it was obvious that some odd stuff was going on, especially at the University of Texas. The power and money that it takes to run these athletic problems rivals that of some professional teams if you factor in the amount of “support” the boosters provide. It’s a shady business and it’s hard to regulate.

The thing that stands out the most in this report is that head coach Tim Floyd handed the money over himself. That is the thing that shocks me the most from this development, because with all the resources and possible ways to get the money to a heralded recruit, the head coach ended up doing the dirty work.

USC will be facing major reprecussions, but will most likely be facing a slap on the wrist compared to what they should get. College sports will never be fair or devoid of extremely shady business, but the least the NCAA can do is start punishing these schools with consequences that actually fit the crime.

Congratulations USC, you’ve violated the eight commandment that was handed down by Mike Ditka himself. Shame on you.


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