Hey the Redskins actually won something.


Last Friday a federal court sided with the Washington Redskins, saying the native american moniker was not racist. Well, technically. The case was more about a group of native americans challenging the Redskins copyrights to the name, but the final decision is incredibly vague and doesn’t really offer the courts full opinion on whether the name is indeed racist. This article actually will deal with the whether the name needs to be changed.

This post is a little late and I apologize for that, but for once it took a lot of thought and reading to decide where I stand on this issue. After four days of trying to form a complete opinion, I’m still torn.

For a long time I thought people were simply being too politically correct about the whole thing, but I’m a middle-class white guy that’s never really had to deal with any type of racism directed toward me. It seemed dumb to me that people would really get angry about the name of a sports franchise unless it was something blatantly offensive.

When the University of Illinois decided to get rid of Chief Illiniwek, the schools’ mascot, after intense pressure from student groups and native american organizations, I thought it was asinine. After putting my whiteness aside, I realized there are groups of people that were offended and thought it was important to be proactive in protesting the possibly racist name.

As a lifelong fan of the Redskins I’ve always thought it was far too politically correct to change the name to something like the Washington Bureaucrats or the Landover Not-actually-in-Washingtons. I had already seen the town butcher the Bullets name (although it was probably a better idea considering the murder rate) by changing it to the Wizards, but the case of the Redskins is different. The term does offend people and is racist to a group of people whose ancestors were screwed over by a bunch of white guys who wanted their land.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, citing how GD stupid I am, but you do have to put your whiteness aside and realize who’s actually effected by this. There are some things that really are too PC to care about, but Dan Snyder is making a ridiculous amount of money using a moniker that offends people. A name change would indeed tarnish some of the Redskins tradition, but in the end, it really is only a name.


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