Get excited: 100 days till college football.


You read that correctly. Everybody get hyped to live through your favorite school’s team and make fun of Notre Dame for losing to Navy and most likely Syracuse. In honor of the 100 days, which I find much more important than Obama’s, here are Phil Steele’s “interesting tidbits” about our blessed sport. Some of my personal favorites:

-Boise State has the second most wins over the last six years with 68. They also have the highest winning percentage since 1999. Too bad they still get screwed for not being in the BCS.
-Texas passed Notre Dame for second on the all-time winningest program. Suck on that Rudy!
-Washington is stuck on a 14 game losing streak, the longest in the country.
-Oklahoma, who hold the longest winning streak in the country, are just 35 games away from breaking the all-time record (held by the ’85-’94 Miami Hurricanes). Almost there Sooners. Almost there.
-Out of the 461 conference games, only nine didn’t have sacks for either team (1.95%).
-Mizzou is ranked 21st in wins over the last six years with 50. WOOT.

Now go young ones, use these useless statistics to impress your friends and steal their money in the form of bets. They don’t need it anyway.

Also, here’s the link to the choices of pictures to post. Have fun.


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