Off-season Caps round up: F-CK THE ‘GUINS.

It’s been a while since any there has been any content on the web about the Caps besides head coach Bruce Boudreau counting off the ridiculous amount of injuries the team was dealing with late in the season and into the playoffs. Now the talk is picking up about the season as a whole as well as which players contracts will be on the chopping block.

Ovechkin dug out of his hole for the first time since the Caps were eliminated to give an interview to Sovetsky Sport, a Russian media outlet. Puck Daddy was nice enough to translate the interview which you can see here. Favorite part: Dissing the Penguins.

Who do you feel for if the Stanley Cup? Ilya Kovalchuk confessed that he is rooting for the Penguins.

I wouldn’t say that I am feeling for the Penguins. I actually don’t care who wins the Cup. If it’s Detroit, Chicago or Carolina, I won’t be upset.

But you also told Malkin and Crosby, when they knocked your team out: “Go ahead and win the Cup.”

That’s not what I said. I just wished them luck, that’s all. It won’t be some kind of a bonus for me if Pittsburgh wins the Cup and it will be like Washington lost to the eventual winner. It is a position of a loser.

It’s good to see a Washington player feeling the same way as the fans do about their rivals.

One of the players who will most likely be leaving the team is the fearless 39 year-old Russian, Sergei Federov. It is sad to see him go after he really stepped up and provided experience on one of the youngest teams in the league, but it is his time. His contract is too large to keep and his age is also a big factor. Luckily for the Ruschki, he’ll be going to the KHL to play with his brother while raking in a modest $3.8 million per season for two years of work. I want to wish him the best of luck and I won’t forget that amazing goal he had to eliminate the Rangers in game 7 this year.

Other players who will most likely not be on the roster next season:

Donald Brashear: $1.2 million per year, 39 year-old guy who didn’t produce as much as he should have in the playoffs (granted he was suspended for six games). Provided experience but is expendable.

Michael Nylander: Great player but he didn’t give the team any reason to retain him. $4,875,000 that can be spent somewhere else.

Jose Theodore: Played decently throughout the year until Varlamov stepped up and played 12 amazing playoff games. Varly will be the everyday goalie next year and there’s no reason to justify paying Jose four million.

Those are the three main players I don’t expect to see back. Kozlov may be let lose or traded for some more young players. Pothier, Steckel and Varlamov will be getting larger contracts and room needs to be made. I’d love to see all these back in red but it’s just not going to happen.

Other than that, here are some links from around the internetz:

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DON’T FORGET: This is a young team and will only get better with a solid farm team. And that’s exactly what they have in the Hershey Bears who defeated the Baby Bruins on their way to Calder Cup. Good years to come.



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