I don’t wanna get into this but I’m comparing browsers now.


Yeahhhhhhhhhh so everything crashed last night and Firefox has been giving me problems to the point where I can’t even use it anymore. I’ve un-installed it and re-installed it and it still crashes within five seconds of loading so I decided to try something new. I already have Safari (I work on a mac) and couldn’t use Google’s Chrome because it’s only comaptiable on PC’s. My last choice, drum roll please… Opera. Yes, Opera. I have to use Opera. Opera. Crap, I can’t believe I’m using Opera.

I didn’t expect a lot from this browser, I actually expected to switch back to Safari within about 5 minutes, but once I figured things out, I really couldn’t stop. First off, I really don’t expect a lot when I’m using a browser other than bookmark use and lighweight useablility.

[Ed note: I’m working off someone’s network who doesn’t know how to configure it correctly. Internet is slow, but it works… sometimes.]

Safari doesn’t help me with the bookmark aspect like Firefox did. With Firefox it’s incredibly easy to find a number of add-ons to make everything easy for me. With Opera, it’s all right there and easy to use. They do have an add-on but using their built-in functions, I can do whatever I want with my bookmark groups. Love it, thanks Opera!

Primary complaint: No twitterfox but I do understand why they don’t have it. Can anyone suggest a good twitter app for Opera?

It’s also a lot easier to organize sub-groups of bookmarks. I have about 100 bookmarks I look at daily and it’s easier to organize them and put them in the places I need to blog the good stuff I find to give to you! Opera is not perfect though, I still miss Firefox.

I loved to use tabs in Firefox and it was extremely easy. Right click, open new tab and boom I can see something new. Opera has all these new fancy new ways of navigating the web like “rewind” and “fast-forward” which I have yet to perfect. There’s a lot of options that seem to help the user secure the links they’re clicking on, but I really don’t care what I click on unless it’s a god damn Rick Astley Rick-Roll god danit. Oh yeah, no spell check. Thanks a lot Opera.

Overall, I think this switch to Opera may be good and I’m looking forward to using this browser. I’ll give a review for Chrome when it comes out on mac. If you have a new application or browser you want me to review on The Nine Commandments send them to me at akecke@gmail.com. PAYCE.


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