Sidney Crybaby goes down 2-0, predictably cries.


As expected, the Detroit Red Wings whipped up on the Penguins yesterday, sending the ‘Guins back to the shittiest state in the Union down 2-0. I’m not trying to jinx the Wings but this one is over. The Red Wings simply have too much depth and talent to let this series slip away. So have fun with that you pathetic Pittsburgh fans.

Now, in honor of Crosby being shut out of the scoring so far this series, here’s a Crybaby gallery for your enjoyment.

Added: Crosby’s Betruzzi Part 2


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4 Responses to “Sidney Crybaby goes down 2-0, predictably cries.”

  1. oldnil Says:

    stay tuned, bag

  2. Premier Says:

    Pens in 7..the series is slippin…and your shitty state cant even compare to our city…better luck next year..ya bunch of old geezers…detroit sucks..if it wasnt for osgood..the only respected player on your pathetic would be no-where..its gonna feel good raisin the cup on your ice..

  3. akecke Says:

    I’m not from Detroit my friend. It’s a commonly held perception that Pennsylvania sucks, so I’m not the only one.

  4. Testicle Tuesday Hot and Steamy Link Dump 6/2/09 | Detroit 4 Lyfe Says:

    […] discusses the statuses of Draper and Datsyuk for Game 3 [Winging it in Motown] Sidney Crybaby is down 2-0 and predictably crying [The Nine Commandments] Osgood is making Conn-vincing argument for Cups playoffs MVP [Detroit News] […]

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