Everyone’s heard of the wild and ridiculous ways the Washington Nationals have risen to great heights by sinking themselves with epic fails, but one of the things that has not gotten enough attention is that the team has continued to keep on a manager who has recorded a win percentage of just .338 in his almost two-and-a-half seasons. Manny Acta is a likeable guy, but there has to be a point where the team has to cut their losses and look for a change.

Therefore, I am starting a FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign until the guy is gone. With such a crappy win percentage you wouldn’t think I would need to say anything else, but I’m going to do it anyway. Stats come courtesy of DC Sports Bog.

-In order for the Nationals to avoid losing 100 games this season they would need to post a 48-59 record for the rest of the season. This isn’t going to happen considering they currently stand at 15-40.

-The Nationals boast a winning percentage of .273. Every other team in the majors boast a winning percentage of at least .421.


I’m a dedicated fan to all DC sports and we’ve had our fair share of bad seasons, but what the Lerners have done to a franchise that the city has begged for since the Federals left town is despicable. I’m currently one step away from encouraging a coup of the former management, but as far as controllable things go, Manny Acta needs to be fired. Let’s get this done.


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  1. Mike Says:

    Lets look at this logically. The Washington Nationals have a decent offense and a historically bad pitching staff. They are playing above average offensively and historically bad from a pitching standpoint. Which of these things has anything to do with the manager? Netiher… It has been proven that a manager can really only be analytically judged based on the number of bad decisions they make versus the right decisions. Manny Acta routinely leads the majors in good decisions and makes the fewest bad decisions. There is a reason he still has a job. There is a reason that if he were to be fired he would be picked up instantly by another team….because he is one of the best, if not the best, managers in the game based on tangible qualities. The only reason a the nationals would fire him is to quiet uninformed fans like yourself. I’m assuming based on your blog here that you think some managers are a lot better than others. Like Lou Pinella would win a lot more games than Manny with this ballclub. Check your history….you’ll see that you are wrong.

  2. akecke Says:

    Well then I would have figured they would fire their pitching coach instead of their hitting coach if the offense was doing well. But in all truth, there really isn’t any branch of the Nats organization that has been doing well on or off the field. The point to my Fire Manny Acta campaign is to cause a shake-up to make a point that if someone isn’t performing at the level they should be, they will find themselves relegated to the minors or fired. It’s something that sends a message.

    I like Manny Acta as a person, but after all this time of struggling I feel that it is time to go.

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