Chris Forcier doesn’t understand simple grammar. Or spelling for that matter.


If you were a redshirt sophomore quarterback at UCLA but wanted to announce to the world that you would be transferring to Furman, how would you go about it? If you answered with a weird fact sheet chock-full of grammar mistakes like capatilization errors and mispelling the name of the school you were transferring to on your family website, then you may just be Chris Forcier.

Forcier hasn’t been all that happy with QB Coach Norm Chow and New Head Coach Rick Neuheisel because of his playing time (Fact: New QB Coach Norm Chow and New Head Coach Rick Neuheisel have brought in and played since day (1) their own guys (Quarterbacks) i.e. Kevin Craft.), and decided to make his way to Greenville, South Carolina to play at Furman. To announce his decision, Forcier simply put together a really weird fact sheet. From claiming to be one of the seven best quarterbacks in 2007 to an odd use of “quotation marks.”

Fact: I’ve always been a “team player” and have done what has been asked of me. Including but not limited to practicing WR in this years spring ball. Not to be confused with moving permanently to the position as it was again inaccurately reported.

So does that mean he’s not really a team player, but rather “pretends to be?”

I’ll give him some love though. He was a 4-star recruit coming out of high school according to, had multiple Pac-10 offers coming out of high school, and has been recognized as a “UCLA Honor Roll student.” Yeah, so…

Fact: I want to be part of the “Greatness of Fuhman University” academic’s.

I really hope someone from his family did some proofreading, just so I know all this is simply genetic and not due to the fact that he’s a pampered college athlete.


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