Danielle Lloyd brings you Thursday’s links.

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Welcome to the Thursday link dump brought to you by the beautiful Danielle Lloyd. Check out all the links as well as Ms. Lloyd’s own personal gallery at the bottom.

Dan Marino is selling his palatial Mansion in Weston, Florida for a cool $13.5 million. Too bad no one wants to buy it. [The Big Lead]

Reaction on the Outside The Lines piece from Jerod Morris, the blogger that called out Raul Ibanez for POSSIBLY using steroids. [Midwest Sports Fans]

Tony Romo’s Facebook page. Super Classico! [Hogs Haven]

Full guide to the best Tweeters the Nations Capital has to offer. @LinsdayCzarniak is a must, even though she barely tweets. [Mister Irrelevant]

There is no way the Nationals are doing this on accident. All these FAILworthy happenings are going to turn out to be a publicity stunt. You heard it here first [DC Sports Bog]

Urban Meyer says his Gators are a good group of kids. So that’s why they’ve been involved in 24 arrests since 2005. I can’t wait till Tebow gets busted with crack. [ESPN]

AW FAWK Scorcese and DiCaprio doin’ anover movie wit Bawston accents. [Film Drunk]

Stan Van Gundy’s face is falling off. [College Humor]


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