Dwight Howard lost game 4, the series.


Derek Fisher was able to even up the game with an amazing three-pointer last night against the Magic in regulation. In overtime, he was able to do the same thing. Classic Fisher. It’s something you’d expect from this aging, but still clutch star.

But if it weren’t for another player, young and relatively inexperienced, Fisher wouldn’t have had that chance.

Superman Dwight Howard was Clark Kent last night from the charity stripe, missing 8 of 14 free throws, including two in the final 12 seconds that would have seeled the Magic’s second ever Finals win.

Plain and simple: Dwight Howard lost game 4.

Howard almost pulled off an incredibly odd quadruple double (16 points, 21 rebounds, 9 blocks, and 7 turnovers). It wasn’t enough to lead the Magic to victory, although he was very close.

The Magic werent able to shoot above 60% from the field. They couldn’t even shoot 60% from the free throw line as a team. They shot a pedestrian 33% from three-point land, an area of the game they usually dominate.

But in truth, this game went to overtime when it shouldn’t have based on shooting statistics. The Magic hauled in rebounds, converting them for fast-break points on the defensive side, and points in the paint on the offensive end. Turkoglu scored a team-high 25 points but wasn’t called on to take the final shot of regulation. Nelson found ways to hit Howard down low and look for the perimeter shooter (until late in the game). There were positives to be found for the Magic.

They didn’t shoot as well as usual, and that’s what killed them down the stretch.

That and Howard missing those final free throws.


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