Before I get to the Friday links, I wan’t to address something. I’m not a Detroit Red Wings fan. I have friends who are fans of the Red Wings, but I am personally a Capitals fan because I’m from DC. That’s why I’ve been so against the Penguins this Stanley Cup Final, not because I’m from Michigan. I hate the Penguins. Period.

On to the links:

We’re Pretty Excited About Game 7. [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

Straight up: Wrigley Field is probably the most disgusting place on earth. [Home Run Derby]

Tom Brokaw does a report about “the Internet.” Groundbreaking stuff right there. [Warming Glow]

Tyler Hansbrough is blaming bloggers for his inevitable drop in NBA draft. Sorry man, but this is mostly because you played on a stacked team for four years at UNC. [Sports Radio Interviews]

How does Christiano Ronaldo celebrate his 80 million pound transfer? He spends a night in Paris. Hilton. [With Leather]

Awesome Boyfriend Ties Kids Up In Garage So He Can Enjoy The Game In Peace [Deadspin]

Thigh of the Week: Giorgia Palmas [Sharapovas Thigh]


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