23-month-old kid could swindle you out of $20.

Meet Keith O’Dell, a 23-month-old kid from Upstate New York. Keith likes to spend his days being fed by his mother, playing with blocks and if his parents let him, swindling 40-year-olds out of their money at the pool hall.

“He started with one ball out, two balls out, he’s doing 15 balls on a run now. He’s doing combo shots, bank shots, kick shots. He’s got a whole slew of shots in his pool bag and he doesn’t even have one yet,” said Keith ODell Sr.

When my family owned a restaurant/bar, I was a certified poolshark at the tender age of 12. I probably made about $100, but this kid would without a doubt take my money. I’m sure by the time he’s 8 he’ll be shooting darks in the dark corner of the bar with a sipper of Cognac asking “who’s next, bitches?”

Best part: Keith just looks away on one of his shots like “TOP THAT!”

Thanks for the tip Steph!


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One Response to “23-month-old kid could swindle you out of $20.”

  1. Steph Says:

    You’re welcome babe 🙂

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