Monday Links: Still got my hangover shades on.

New Kids on the Block are losers

Have fun with these fun links and stuff. Don’t hurt yourself.

Trent Green, everyones favorite doormat, retired over the weekend after 15 seasons in the league. TO BROADCASTING! [ESPN]

D-Wade is a pranksta gangsta. Eh, it sounded cool in my head. [NESW Sports]

As Kevin Garnett would say, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” Exhibit B: Troy Aikman graduated from UCLA. [Fanhouse]

Greg Ostertag is over 7 feet tall, which makes it weird to see him playing hockey. [The Big Lead]

Pat White got drafted for the third time in his life. First by the Anaheim Angels in the fourth round in 2004, then the Miami Dolphins this year, and mst recently the NY Yankees in the 48th round. I think he’ll be sticking with the Dolphins. [FanHouse]

What’s Ed O’Bannon doing now that he’s out of the league? Selling cars of course! [Washington Post]

Note to Ricky Rubio: Brandon Jennings is not impressed. [ESPN]

Arlington: The Rap. Favorite line:
So many places to choose
you’re gonna like to pick
I’m in Courthouse so much that
they call me Michael Vick

What if Predator was a little gay? NOW YOU KNOW! [Holy Taco]

Hardly Working: Rap Battle (must-watch). [College Humor]


Have a good Monday and see you tomorrow!


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