The end day is near. AND I TOTALLY CALLED IT.


I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but since I started my FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign, more and more people have been calling for the Nats’ head honchos head. Now, as Fox Sports originally reported, “inside sources” (which truly sounds dirty) are saying Manny Acta won’t be with the organization for much longer.

The door will be shown and bench coach Jim Riggleman will most likely take over for an interim period. Riggleman has managed the Cubs, Padres, and Mariners.

We here at The Nine Commandments are excited for a change, but we also recognize a 16-43 team will not turn their season around automatically. It will take time as long as more changes come on and off the field.

The next step the team needs to take is finding a GM. I find it pathetic that the team hasn’t found a suitable replacement since Jim Bowden resigned early in the season. GET THIS DONE TEAM NATIONALS! GET IT DONE SOON!


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