Martellus Bennett shows you the new Cowboys stadium.

Martellus Bennett has been a twitter fiend and updates his youtube page fairly regularly. His best addition is his tour of the new Cowboys Stadium which is re-god-damned-diculous. I’m a loyal Redskins fan and even I can’t scoff at the amazing super stadium they built down there. That is, until Dan Snyder forces the District to build him a $2 billion dollar stadium. That’ll be the day.

-$14 for a beef sandwich.
-A 12-pack of Smirnoff Ice will cost you $96.
-Pictures of the two giant arches during construction. Ridiculous.
-All seats are padded. My computer chair isn’t even padded.
-Martellus’ racist Asian impression.
-A very odd tour of the bathroom.
Marty B. is lookin a lot like Charles Hamilton.


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2 Responses to “Martellus Bennett shows you the new Cowboys stadium.”

  1. Witten's future wife Says:

    You forgot to add to the highlights list the two close-up shots of the love of my life. Those were by far the top two moments of the entire video.

  2. akecke Says:

    Left it out for a reason.

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