We're so gay for eachother... and steroids.

We're so gay for eachother... and steroids.

OMG OMG OH MY GOD so like this new report totally says that Sammy Sosa tested postive for “performace enhancers” during the 2003 season. OMG I’m totally freaking out.

I think what we should do is take away his title as single-season home run champion. What? Mark McGwire hit more in ’98? Oh. And you say Barry Bonds broke the record a few years later?

Well we should at least take in the Cubs World Series title into consideration, because we now know at least one of their players was on steroids. What? The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908.

Well, um, then we should make sure he can’t get into the Hall of Fame. Yeah, thats a good one!

Oh, his chances of getting in are slim? He wouldn’t have gotten in anyway? Well crap.

Then I guess it doesn’t really matter that this drug test got released. No one has given Sosa any type of legitimacy during the steroids era, and now we have a good reason to do so. It’s stupid that all of these tests from years ago are coming out now. Why wouldn’t the league actually do something about a positive test that THEY ADMINISTRED?

The fault cannot only be placed on the players, but also on the people that are monitoring them. It makes the league look even worse during this time that it obviously looks f-ing terrible.


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