Thursday Links: NOW WITH BONUS NHL COVERAGE! and other stuff too.


Sorry about the lack of posts today. Lot’s to do with little time to do it in.

Before I get to the links I want to discuss the NHL awards that are to be given out tonight. I’m not going to bore you trying to defend Alex Ovechkin, mostly because if you’re a regular reader you can tell which way I lean. That said, I do expect OVI to take home the Hart Trophy over Malkin and Datsyuk. I don’t think Datsyuk really has a chance of winning so the rce really comes down to Malkin and OVI. It’s so close that just being a Capitals fan sways me to the crazy Russian that is Ovechkin.

The Vezina Trophy (best goalkeeper) seems like a toss-up so I’m just going to jump on board with Steve Mason of the Columbus Blue Jackets. He didn’t play for a great team and was still able to record 10 shut-outs. I don’t really watch a lot of Mason’s games but just the fact that he’s out there working hard, I respect that (terrible adaptation of Hansel’s Sting quote from Zoolander).

The James Norris Memorial Trophy (best defenseman) will go to Mike Green. I’ve respected this guys play all season and have actually been able to admire it as a Caps fan, considering the limited amount of hockey I watch. He can put the puck in the back of the net and provides excellent leadership for the Capitals.

I hate to do it but I’m taking a guess that Malkin will win the Pearson award. As a Capitals fan it just seemed as if everybody loved Ovechkin, but reading a lot of blogs makes me think otherwise. NBC talked about it during the Caps series with the Rangers that people were aggrivated with Ovechkin for being so out there. He’s won it before, but this may not be his year.

Bonus from the Review Journal: “Ovechkin still might be smarting from his team’s loss to the Penguins, because he also had no interest in talking about Pittsburgh’s other young superstar, center Sidney Crosby, who surprisingly isn’t a finalist for any award today.

“I don’t want to talk about it, about him,” said Ovechkin, who gives himself a “50-50 chance” to repeat as the Hart winner.”

Should be exciting and I’m looking forward to the results. On to the links!

“Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History.” And who would have guessed, ESPN is involved with half of them. Also big ups to The Washington Posts Dan Steinberg for being on the list just because he’s a blogger. [Real Clear Sports]

“Rajon Rondo Out of Boston? His Bad Attitude Has Prompted the Celtics to Shop him.” I’m surprised by this just because he’s a young, talented player on a team who has three major stars that will be out of the league in two years. [North Station Sports]

“Latest Crazy NBA Trade Rumor: Amar’e To The T-Wolves for Al Jefferson and the Sixth Pick.” We all know Amare Stoudamire will be leaving Phoenix, but Suns fans should be very happy with this deal. [Fan IQ]

Terry Holland is the best thing to happen to ECU since… well, ever. “We sort of adopted the idea that we would schedule our own damned bowl games,” Holland says. Hell yes Holland. [News-Record]

“Orioles Might Regret 2005 Media Guide.” Just take a look and laugh for yourself without the encouragement of me. But you should laugh. C’mon just laugh at something you see here once. Please? [Real Clear Sports]

“Playing big-money road football games one of the ways Boise State will try to make money.” Due to budget cuts, Boise State will be looking for some big games with guaranteed money. Maybe this will create a big non-conference game. I sure as hell hope so. [Idaho Statesman]



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