Friday Links: Cartoon Caps girls ushers in the weekend.


It’s Friday. I don’t care. You don’t care. But I really need some beer. Here here. Here here.

ESPN’s Chris McKendry Is On Guard Against Soccer Snobs, Semantics and The Open Mind. McKendry once again makes a bad name for ESPN (which is well deserved). Seriously, what’s wrong with trying to fit into a culture that actually accepts soccer? RIDDLE ME THAT! [The Big Lead]

Dontrelle Willis Has Mental Problems, Man. It’s not a mental problem to think D-Will sucks. It’s common logic. MIS-DIAGNOSIS GOOD SIR! [Detroit4Lyfe]

Washington Redskins By the Numbers: #21 – Sean Taylor, Why We Say “We” (Interview Larry Coker). Yea, I recruited Sean. His physical presence, his size and his speed. Sean Taylor could have played safety, linebacker, or running back at the University of Miami. [Hogs Haven]

GIRL FIGHT!!!! Some Phillies fans try to distract themselves from actually walking the Phillies. [The Fightins]

FOTA teams to launch breakaway series. The end of Formula 1 is near. Weak sauce. []

All PGA Players Have a Sucky New York Accent, Video Proof. Shame on you. Shame on you all. [NESW Sports]

Roenick’s Mess Up Highlights Odd Night At The NHL Awards In Vegas. Just another awkward moment from last night. [Total Pro Sports]

The All-Busted Gridiron Pen Game. Criminals can make one solid NFL team. [Sparty and Friends]

Tweet Psych. What do you tweet about? [Tweet Psych]

Cat attacks rottweiler. I’m telling you, these cats are dangerous. They all need to be put down immediately.

Laptop Hunters: Jake. Jake needs a laptop that supports his pornography habit. [Funny or Die]

15-Year-Old Texting Champ Wins $50,000. You know, you can just call someone if you need to. [Switched]


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