The FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign takes a twist. *Twirls finger in circle*


You may have read earlier this week about myself claiming the title of the all-knowing because of a report saying Manny Acta’s days were numbered. Well, it’s been a full week and no one from the Nationals organization has said anything and now people are asking the man that broke the news questions.

Did I mention this is the guy that went after Jerod Morris on Outside The Lines for his post on Midwest Sports Fans about Raul Ibanez? Yeah, same guy, Ken Rosenthal. The Nationals have had a good run of thing in the past week, winning three games (including two against the Yankees. Yeah, it’s only been a few days and all Rosenthal said is “Manny Acta’s tie as manager of the Washington Nationals is just about over.” So what’s that supposed to mean? A few days? A few weeks? The all-star break? The end of the season?

Where’s your accountablility Mr. Rosenthal? Who exactly is your source for the information that the Nationals management are ready to throw away Acta like a used condom?

In an interview with Comcast Sports Net, Rosenthal is not backing down from his report. From DC Sports Bog:

“If my story was wrong, then the Nationals should simply say Manny Acta is our manager for the rest of our season,” Rosenthal told Thaler. “If what I wrote was indeed something that had no basis, as Mike Rizzo suggested, well, make him your manager for the rest of the year. If the story is right, however, and of course I believe it was, then the Nationals should fire him today, tomorrow, whenever. Just leaving him dangling like this is not fair to Manny, not fair really to the team itself. So what I’m saying is, one way or the other, they need to make a decision.”

Why should the Nationals respond to a report with anonymous sources? I’m guessing Rosenthal could write about any struggling manager or coach and say their time is almost up and get away with it. You need accountability Mr Rosenthal, especially if you plan on trashing bloggers for their lack of it.

(The Nine Commandment still believes in a regime change for the Nationals nonetheless)


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