And the Stig is… Michael Schumacher. Nice.

The Stig has always been the masked man that many would think would never be revealed. On Sundays telecast of Top Gear on the BBC, we found out who he was. And it was awesome.


Yes, go on.


Yeah, baby! All the way off!


AHHHHHHwesome. I grew up on Schumacher winning all the championships and dominating F1 like no one else.

There are rumblings that Schumi was not always the Stig. Yeah, probably true, but I can venture to guess that he has spent a considerable amount of time in the all white get-up. If the Stig had to be anyone, Schumi would have been my favorite to see under the helmet. Now I know he is.


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2 Responses to “And the Stig is… Michael Schumacher. Nice.”

  1. limey Says:

    Sadly for you, the truth is that this is the first time ever that MS has been in the stig kit and the whole thing was just a stunt.

    Stop for a minute and think about the episode and some of the comments.

    MS is far too busy being a Fiat/Ferrari employee to do Top Gear test driving.

    The real stig is someone else, Ben Collins in fact.

    have a ncie day 🙂

  2. limey Says:

    Well would you look at that 😉

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