FIRE MANNY ACTA Day 15: The Nationals are proving me wrong. Poop.


When I started the FIRE MANNY ACTA campaign, I was pretty sure the end day way near because the team had only won 15 games and a certain Fox Sports reporter/noted dbag and spray-on tan aficionado filed a report saying an “inside source” told him Acta was facing his final days.

Four wins against the NY Yankees and a couple more against the Blue Jays and Acta still calls Anacostia his place of work. Thanks for making me look stupid. Thanks a lot.

Acta still has his job and probably will until at least the all-star break. I think he still will be axed sometime soon. Discussing a possible reason that he didn’t lose his job before this streak: The Lerner family may be trying to pull some “we don’t let our drama play out in the media” by holding off on firing Acta until the dust of Rosenthal’s report has settled. Which is hopefully soon.

FIRE MANNY ACTA! I stand by my original beliefs.


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