Joanna Krupa tells T.O. to ‘shut up.’ Good work.

Joanna Krupa is my kind of lady. She loves physical fitness, is super hot, cusses A LOT, and hates TO as much as I do. Did I mention she’s super hot? No? Yeah, she’s super hot.

This is a video from the new show Superstars on a channel I don’t care enough to look up because it’s not worth watching beyond this clip. Krupa calls TO a bad teammate, which is basically the same conclusion as anyone that has played on the same team lives in America.

[With Leather]

What’s this? A Joanna Krupa gallery. Horah!


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5 Responses to “Joanna Krupa tells T.O. to ‘shut up.’ Good work.”

  1. John Says:

    She is super BITCHY maybe. I don’t care who she’s working with, if that were me I’d slap that anorexic in the mouth.

  2. Lindsey Johnson Says:

    I think Joanna is a conceited bitch. TO did a great job and worked harder than she damn sure did. In case you didn’t actually watch the show they lost becasue of her dumb ass. Trying to look good, obviousy doesn’t go far when your a awful person like her. How dare she put him down on national tv who the hell is she. I can guarantee he is more of an athlete and a decent person than she ever will be. She asked how he calls him self an athlete, how the hell does she call herself a model! She showed lack of character and disgraced herself the way she trated him. She should go fuck herself.

  3. akecke Says:

    I didn’t watch the show (not my cup of tea) and I can see she is quite the bitch, but if there’s three things I hate in this world it’s a bad taco, the police, and TO. Just the fact that she told TO to shut up and he actually did made me happy. That and how good she looks.

  4. Azulkfikar Says:

    Check out Joanna Krupa getting slap by her sister Marta at

  5. Winter Classic Says:

    Interesting that you decided to find this domain name and stick with it, its very catchy.

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