Oregon football jerseys… ehhhh, I dunno.


Check out these pics of the new Oregon football jerseys. You’ve probably seen the outrageous jerseys that Nike co-founder Phil Knight throws at his favorite school every year. They usually get crappy reviews with bloggers saying they’re uglier than Kirstie Alley on a good day, but I honestly like the innovation.

The 2009 jerseys, ehhhhhh they’re alright. I like the colors on some of them, but the wings? Why would anyone see the need for wings on football jerseys? WHY I ASK YOU! WHY? Sorry, I got all wound up on MTN Dew. The helmets are straight up badass though. 100%.

Check out the pics and let your voice be heard in the comments. If you want. I’m totally not forcing you to, but it’s not that hard. Please? C’mon you know you wanna.


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One Response to “Oregon football jerseys… ehhhh, I dunno.”

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