Shaq is headed to Cleveland to help The King win a championship.


The Cavs have made their blockbuster trade for the year with the Phoenix Suns, landing the big Shaq Diesel for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic and a second-round draft pick in the 2010 draft. A lot of specualtion has surrounded the Cleveland franchise on who they would be brining in to help Lebron James get to the land of champions, with many thinking it was possible that Yao Ming would help The King find his way.

So what does this do for the Cavs? Shaq is one of the better personalities in the game right now, but he also brings leadership and the knowledge of what it takes to get to the promised land. Shaq is also a big boost to the offense where Ben Wallace was never able to find his groove as he did in Detroit. O’neals 18 points per game will obviously help the team, but the ultimate question can only be answered when the Diesel actually plays some games in a Cavs uniform.

He was able to get the job done with Dwayne Wade in Miami, albeit a few years younger, but he is still an incredibly skilled, physical player in the post.

In my opinion, this trade will certainly get LeBron to the NBA Finals, but the question of winning it all is still undetermined.

The draft is tonight so we will see who else the Cavs will add. My money is on DeMarre Carroll from Mizzou (a little biased, yes) because of his hustle and tough play as a sixth man.


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