Pamplona: The tourists’ guide in one picture.


Ah, I sure do love Pamplona. It truly is a magnificent city, look at all the beautiful old buildings… hey, why is everybody running. They’re all wearing matching red scarves too… is this a gay pride parad-HOLY SHIT WHY ARE THERE F’ING BULLS COMING STRAIGHT AT US?

The running of the bulls kicked off this morning and ended with no gores, but four were hospitalized for being pussies. Bumps, bruises and scrapes? Give me a break. Sack up.

The event brings in many internationals to Pamplona each year as a bunch of guys (and girls?) try to prove that they have balls, apparently spurned from a bet with their mothers.

Dumb quote of the day:

“I feared for my life. It was pretty intense,” said 23-year-old runner Mark Kowalski of Edmonton, Alberta.

No shit, you were being chased by mfing bulls.


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One Response to “Pamplona: The tourists’ guide in one picture.”

  1. Mark Kowalski Says:

    I was joking/laughing when I said this. But I see AP didn’t capture that in the interview. I agree though that it is a dumb quote, as it was taken out of context.

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