Tuesday links: BEAR SURFING SHARK GAH!!!


NRL star Nate Myles tells of hotel diarrhoea – I mean yeah, if I need to take a shit, I usually do it in the hallway too. I just won’t get suspended for six weeks. This guy did. [News.co.au]

Obama Calls Ovechkin “Outstanding” – The rest of the list of great Russians included the guy that invented vodka, the guy that… uh… that guy with the thing on his head… no that was a bad guy. Ok, so only OVI and the guy that invented vodka. Let’s call it a day. [DC Sports Bog]

Banned’s Massive Stacy Keibler Bikini and Lingerie Gallery – Nuff said. [Banned in Hollywood]

‘REAL’ PAINS -DC ALREADY FED UP WITH MTV FILMING – This really says something cause DC residents are some mean SOB’s. Except this is in Dupont Circle. That’s pretty much where the Queer Eye guys are from. Kinda. [New York Post]

Todd Reesing Really Loves Some Puppies – Don’t let him all that close to your dogs, he might give them that case of herpes he’s got.

CHAD OCHOCINCO TO TWITTER DURING GAMES – Not necessarily during games, but he did say he will at least do it at half-time. I approve. [With Leather]

College Football List Week: 5 Best Announcers – Ron Franklin is too low (should be #1). Damn I can’t wait for the season to start.

(773): smoked weed with Joakim Noah last night….if he was half as fast to the basket as he is to grab a joint from me we’d have another championship on our hands – Joakim Noah smokes weed? No way, I couldn’t tell cause I’M FUCKING BLIND. [TFLN]


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