Friday Links: Emma Watson approved.


Stallworth completes jail term – Remember when you heard about Donte Stallworth only getting 30 days for vehicular manslaughter while he was drunk and got really piss-ass drunk and drove home? Yeah, he just got out and only had to serve 24 of those days. You got resisting arrest. If only you were a star athlete. [ESPN]

Rob Dibble’s Posterior Tattoo – Rob Dibble, the Nationals color analyst has a tatoo of Ichiro’s name and number on his ass because of a lost bet. Side note: I don’t like Dibble one bit. He’s an out of towner that enjoys taking shots at the home team. I know they’re bad, but let’s try and be optimistic for once Rob. [DC Sports Bog]

The 5 Programs that are the Easiest to Dislike – I can honenstly agree with every team on this list. If you went there or go there, you’re a douche. [The Big Lead]

USC Football Players Everson Griffen and Jordan Campbell Arrested In Nantucket This Weekend – So if it’s important that student comes before athlete, where do we fit criminal in? [Barstool Sports]

Doubters motivate former MU quarterback Daniel – Maybe I link to Chase Daniel too much, but the guy is a legend at Mizzou and I only hope for the best on the ‘Skins. [KC City Star]

Is BCS violating Anti-Trust Laws? Yes, if it actually existed – I love college football but just like everyone else, the BCS is total bullshit. I say we take them over. VIVA LA REVOLUTION! [Fanhouse]

APATOW’S RED-BAND ‘FUNNY PEOPLE’ TRAILER – Absolutely cannot wait for this movie to come out. It’s billed more on the drama side but the damn things about comedians. It shall be good. [Film Drunk]



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