Gina Carano is one of us. She’s on Yardbarker now.


In a move that The Nine Commandments founder, Mike Ditka approves, Gina Carano has joined the ranks of celebrities that now blog. Yes, you can now read the Muay Thai fighter on Yardbarker. Carano will be fighting Cris CYBORG on August 15th. I’m scared for my girl, but I know she’ll be ready. Take that Cyborg!

Hey, everybody – this is my first official post and I am so excited to be a part of YARDBARKER!!! Not only will I be typing you messages every once in a while but I also have a Flip Cam (thanks, YB) and so you’ll get to see video footage of me and everything I’m going through as I get ready for my August 15th fight against Cris Cyborg.


Love, Gina

I always knew it would take a while for her to tell me she loved me, but I’m glad she finally said it. Let’s all just hope she doesn’t stop blogging after her fight on the 15th.


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