Week 1 College Football Picks: IT’S ON!


Agagagagagagagag, YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

I really hope you can understand that because I’m incredibly excited for this weekend. Last night was awesome, but Saturday will be orgasmic. Let’s get to the picks. All betting lines come via CentSports.com. Home team in caps.

Tulsa (-14.5) covers spread over TULANE.
Top to bottom, the C-USA isn’t amazing, but they do have teams that will surprise a lot of people. Tulsa should have a good run to become the Ball State of 2009.

Akron (+27) beats spread vs PENN STATE.
They’re not that good, so let’s be honest: Akron will go down 20 and it will stay that way the rest of the way.

OHIO STATE fans being dicks (-1200) against Navy players.
Those damn Buckeyes fans wouldn’t know nice if it punched them square in the face. I’d be pissed too if I couldn’t win a BCS bowl game every time I dominated the Big 10.

USC (-33) covers spread over San Jose State.
Shouldn’t have a problem beating an out-of-conference cupcake with the amount of raw talent the Trojans have. Just look out later when they have to play the cupcakes in their own conference.

Nevada (+14.5) over NOTRE DAME.
I have a strong feeling that Nevada is going to “upset” Notre Dame in South Bend this weekend. The pistol offense is too strong and fast for the Fighting Irish to slow.

Baylor (+2.5) over WAKE FOREST.
Robert Griffin is going to run and throw all over the Demon Deacons. I’m not even sure why an ACC team would have any kind of edge over a Big 12 South team. Doesn’t even make sense to me.

Missouri (+7) over ILLINOIS (in St. Louis).
Maybe I’m biased (I’m definitely biased) but the Tigers defense is much improved and Blaine Gabbert is a much better quarterback than Juice Williams. Lot’s of points, lot’s of offense, one win for Missouri.

OKLAHOMA STATE (-4.5) over Georgia.
No Stafford, no Moreno, no win over OK State. I don’t even see this one being close in Stillwater, and that’s why this is my….

OKLAHOMA (-22.5) over BYU.
Gresham won’t be playing, but the Sooners have plenty of weapons, one of the obvious reasons they will be competing for the National Championship.

Virginia Tech (+6.5) over ALABAMA (in Atlanta).
I’m not riding all that high on Alabama going into this weekend. They killed Clemson last year, but then those Tigers fizzled and died. Virginia Tech is a top 10 team on any preseason top 25 list you look at. VT FTW. And I hate VT.

Ten picks, compare on Sunday and we’ll see you next week.


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