Post Week 1 Top 25: Shuffling at top and bottom.


So we saw a little bit of shuffling at the top and bottom of the AP top 25 and that’s what I’ve been seeing as well, although I don’t rank teams that perennially screw it up as high as those AP voters do. So here it is.

1. Texas
Still think McCoy and the Longhorns take the top spot. Maybe it’s because Florida couldn’t cover the spread. Maybe it’s because I I hate the Teboy loving manfest in Florida

2. Florida

3. Alabama
Played incredibly well in Hotlanta and beat a damn good VTech team. That’s why I rank them so high.

4. Mississippi

5. Oklahoma State
Started slow in the first quarter against Georgia but Zac Robinson found his stride and the Cowboys benefited from The Fray singing their intro song. Or not.

6. Boise State
If Oregon had been a stronger opponent, I would have ranked Boise State slightly higher.

7. LSU

8. TCU

9. Virginia Tech
Tough loss for the Hokies, but it did come against a top three team. Still expect VT to make their way into the Orange Bowl.

10. BYU
Completely deserve a high ranking after beating Oklahoma. Maybe last year was just a precursor to the Stormin’ Mormons national championship run in 2009.

11. USC, 12. Penn State, 13. Ohio State
None of them showed me anything special, so these three won’t move up until they prove themselves next week (USC v. Ohio State) and in conference play (Penn State).

14. Oklahoma

15. Nebraska

16. California

17. Utah

18. Miami
Thrilling win over Florida State, 38-34 in Tallahasee. Jacory Harris went berserker with 386 yards and two touchdowns. Read my Hurricanes season preview here to be ready to impress your friends. Or be laughed at.

19. Georgia Tech

20. Missouri
The Tigers torched the Illini with sophomore quarterback Blaine Gabbert showing poise in the pocket and Denario Alexander and Wes Kemp filling the voids of the Mizzou receivers that have moved on. The defense also looks much improved over 2008.

21. Kansas

22. Notre Dame
They proved me wrong beating Nevada 35-0 and killing the supposedly volatile pistol offense the Wolfpack runs. I’ll let them on my countdown, but don’t expect them to stay there all year.

23. North Carolina

24. Iowa

25. Pittsburgh



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