Hitler reacts to Virginia Tech beating Nebraska.

Hilarious video.

And just a side-note to this game: Why the hell did the Virginia Tech students rush the field? You were ranked higher than Nebraska and favored to win the game. You can’t just rush the field whenever you want. So answer in the comments, I know VaTech students read this blog.


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2 Responses to “Hitler reacts to Virginia Tech beating Nebraska.”

  1. hjhokie Says:

    I was at the game and understand why the vt students rushed the field- we had zero hope of winning the game after over 3hours of frustration on the part of our offense and to come back in the most improbable way that I have ever seen a VT team do was exhilarating. Yes we were higher ranked and favored by some but the whole afternoon was one of futility by our offense.

  2. krisi Says:

    let Va-Tech get excited and rush the field. They’ve been through enough tragedy, let them get excited and be happy. They are finding joy in the midst of sorrow. give um a break. besides they’re a great team…..

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