Robert Henson doesn’t know how to use commas.

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The Redskins were able to pull out a 9-7 win over the Rams yesterday after squandering every opportunity for a touchdown in their five trips to the red-zone. Understandably, the Redskins faithful were quite upset with a 2-point win over a team the Seahawks destroyed last week 28-0.

You could hear the boos for the poor performance throughout the second half as the Redskins continued to struggle. After giving the Rams the ball on their own 4-yard line with just a minute left and shutting down Bulger for four more plays, FedEx Field erupted with boos.

The Skins players apparently weren’t happy either. This is where linebacker Robert Henson comes in. I don’t mean to discredit Henson by saying he didn’t do anything else during the game… oh wait, Robert Henson didn’t play.

Henson took to twitter to express his dismay with the crowd at FedEx.

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Clearly, Robert Henson doesn’t know how to use commas, as evidenced by referring to the Redskins players as dim wits. Good work. I see you learned a lot during your time at TCU.

Comcast Sports Net decided to clean up the tweet a little bit. Notice the comma:

Photo courtesy of DC Sports Bog

Photo courtesy of DC Sports Bog

Henson continued his rampage on twitter, shelling out 49 more tweets by the end of the day. Henson tried to apologize but looked even more like a jerk:

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I feel so bad for whoever has to do some spin work at Redskins Park today. Jeez Robert, don’t go to twitter to boo your fans COMMA jackass.


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