Your college football wrap-up:

Bruce Pearl went to a football game and that makes us happy.

Bruce Pearl went to a football game and that makes us happy.

If this were Wednesday and you asked me about the schedule of college football this weekend, I would have told you it was going to be a pretty boring weekend. Then Ole Miss blew their chance and lost at South Carolina. Then Georgia Tech beat North Carolina, Matt Grothe-less South Florida took down Florida State, Michigan ALMOST lost to Indiana and that wasn’t the half of it.

The demolished Oregon team that was thought to be wandering around their schedule like a zombie destroyed the Cal Golden Bears 42-3. Virginia Tech reasserted their dominance in the ACC, crushing Miami 31-7. Penn State showed why they’re overrated (called it), losing to Iowa for the second straight year.

LSU avoided disaster with a goal line stand against Mississippi State while it took TCU a fourth-quarter touchdown to take control in Death Valley against Clemson. Houston showed why they should stay ranked, beating Texas Tech 29-28. Even Kansas looked fallible (for reasons other than simply being the Jayhawks) and needed a late TD to beat Southern Miss 35-28.

Oh, and that Tebow guy got hurt.

You’ve probably already seen the video of Teblow puking while being taken off the field, so I decided I’d surprise you with a girl talking about how “it’s not that big of a concern for the team.” You’re point is pretty damn clear, girl. NOW SHUT IT!

Our response:

Dear Punter,

They tell you to curl up in the fetal position around the football when a snap goes over your head. Remember that next time.

Mike Ditka


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