Mitch Albom wants to take away your freedom.


If you’re a regular reader of T9C, you may remember a post about some drunk Lions fan getting into an altercation at Ford Field during the Vikings game two weeks ago. The situation was obviously a bit out of hand and after watching the clip, Mitch Albom has something to say about it: Tailgating should be banned. [via The Big Lead]

But, meanwhile, make no mistake. The fists may fly in the stands. But they get lubricated in the parking lots.

This will not make me popular with Budweiser, Miller or millions of parking lot drinkers, but what is the point of going to a football game for the expressed purpose of getting wasted? It’s one thing to be out at night and one beer leads to another. But when you get up at 8, are parked by 9, and are three beers deep by 10, you have issues.

I blame the tailgaters, but I also blame the teams — pro and college. By encouraging a seven-hour drinking experience, football now sees its stadiums marred with behavior like this past week’s wildly popular YouTube moment (billed as “Two Drunk Girls Kicked out of Vikings vs Lions Game”).

You’re right Mitch. It’s not the sheer stupidity of those involved, it’s all about the alcohol. I’ve got an idea: How about total prohibition! That would be splendid indeed! I’m so glad you were able to use your masters in journalism to stage a nationwide intervention. How noble of you!

Some people obviously have drinking problems, but what’s the difference between drinking in a parking lot on the weekend with friends and fans or drinking your life away at the end of the bar. Simmer down now, sir.

Some of my favorite moments in life have come from tailgating with my friends and fans of the teams involved. It’s not just about drinking (although it does make the situation a bit more festive) but about hanging out before the game, talking football and the overall atmosphere.

The bottom line is that football is entertainment and just because some people prefer drinking in parking lots before watching their favorite teams play instead of spending hours upon hours in a cramped bar droning on about how work was is not a reason for you to interject.

So to you, Mitch: Stop acting as if you a savior and reformist. You are not. You report on sports. Go back to The Sports Reporter with Mike Lupica and have a scotch while no one watches your terrible show.

Also, good timeliness, the incident at the Lions game happened two weeks ago.


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