The Burgundy Revolution will not be televised. It will be on Twitter.


The Burgundy Revolution is nearing a fever pitch as the Redskins dropped their fourth game of the year to the Chiefs on Sunday. Fans are going ape-shit over their beloved team and rightfully so. Much of the hate parade has been centered around moneybags Danny Snyder and his evil sidekick Vinny Cerrato.

A number of people have taken up their leadership roles in the Burgundy Revolution, planning out their next steps in pubs and parking lots across the Washington area, including an expanding role on Twitter.

@BoycottSnyder is one of the minds behind Black Sunday, the day in which a group of Redskins fans collaborated to urge fans to wear black against the Chiefs. The turnout was not as large as expected but was still noticeable in the FedEx field confines. He was instrumental in getting Dan Steinberg @dcsportsbog to cover the “festivities.” Be sure to check his new site

For more on the Burgundy Revolution, follow the hashtag #blackmonday1026 to keep up with the darkness this franchise is turning into next Monday against the Eagles. @LetsBuyTheSkins, @SaveTheSkins, @RegionalCeleb are all great resources for the movement and are a must if you decide to become a revolutionary.

Some of the funnier people taking part in the Burgundy Revolution are those taking a satirical stance on the whole subject. @FakeDanSnyder is the most active in this group, acting in pretty much the same way I would think the real Danny would. @FakeJimZorn, @FakeVCerrato and @extraeyes (Sherm Lewis) round out the rest of the satirical bunch with lots of hilarious interactions between each other. And don’t forget our dearly departed owner @FakeJKC (Jack Kent Cook).

Hogs Haven also need your help during these revolutionary times and implore you to take part by following the steps they’ve listed in this post. Always a great resource for good Skins coverage and analysis.



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