Tim Griffin likes to keep people happy, chooses Kansas and Missouri to beat eachother.


Tim Griffin is the ESPN’s beat writer for the Big 12 and if you read him often, his biases are blatantly obvious and he tends to flip-flop on his predictions between the beginning and end of every season. This week, all of the conference beat reporters are turning in their predictions for the rest of the season and surprise, surprise: Tim Griffin proves again how much of a douche he is.

The predictions I find incredibly odd are those of the Missouri Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks.

Griffin has major biases against North Division teams (admittedly, they do suck) but Griffin predicts two completely different outcomes in the Big 12 North for these rivals. Let’s look at the outlook for Missouri first:

My prediction: Low-level bowl trip. The Tigers will beat the teams they should down the stretch and also get some revenge from Kansas in their annual end-of-season battle. It will give them a 7-5 record. It might not be what Gary Pinkel wanted, but still an accomplishment considering the massive turnover from last season’s team.

Doesn’t really seem right considering the rest of the Tigers schedule is as follows: Texas, at Colorado, Baylor, at Kansas State, Iowa State, Kansas (at Kansas City). The final record is not what this post is about though. It’s more about what’s in bold in that blockquote.

Now let’s take a look at Griffin’s prediction for the Jayhawks:

My prediction: Mid-level bowl. The Jayhawks will win two of their six remaining games, beating Kansas State and Missouri. It will be enough to get them to a bowl game, but that wasn’t what Mangino was expecting after his team’s 5-0 start.

Hmm, that’s odd. I though Mr. Griffin already said Missouri would be getting revenge on Kansas for last year’s defeat. Maybe he is trying not to upset either fan base by making such a bold prediction as to who would win the Border War Showdown.

Try making bolder predictions next time like actually choosing winners of games that are consistent throughout all of your articles.


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