Want a chance to crush Cowboys’ fans hopes and dreams?


It’s been a trying time for the Redskins (understatement of the century) with the Burgundy Revolution still in full effect. The season is in absolute disaster through six supposedly easy games and it’s only going to get worse.

Is there anything that could make this season bearable? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Because there is. There most definitely is.

That things? Blowing up the old Texas Stadium.

Hell yeah!

And now you can take part in the name of charity. Yes, you can blow up Texas Stadium by buying a raffle ticket. The city of Irving is currently looking into possible gimmicks that would attract money and tourism and are even trying to solicit money from other NFC East rivals.

Irving tourism officials say they want to solicit fans or foes living in NFC East rival cities, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Gast says the heated rivalries between the Dallas Cowboys and the Giants, Eagles and Redskins are bound to draw interest from “foes who would love to pull the plunger and watch Texas Stadium go boom.”

Sounds like one damn good time in Texas. Crank from ExtremeSkins suggests Chief Zee do the dirty work. He also suggests what I would describe as the party of the century to tailgate the implosion. I approve.

Maybe Danny boy can pony up the money to do it himself. Even I would approve of that considering we know how good he is at destroying things. Douche.


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