This semi-pro football player probably won’t go pro.

I tend to think semi-pro football is for people that are just trying to hold up their hopes and dreams while working at a convenient store and would love for someone to find a player that has actually made it to the big show from there.

This furthers my case.

Mauriece McIver makes a great tackle on the punt return, stopping the Las Vegas Cobra player from finding his way into the end zone. The only problem? McIver plays for the Cobra’s. Yeah, you may want to rethink your life goals.

What makes this video so much better is the Cobra’s website. It’s fantastically bad and deserves a Webby for the worst website ever. Or the best. Depends on who you’re asking. The best part has to be the teams theme song in MIDI form on their website: I love it when you call me big papa by B.I.G.

Hey, maybe I do love semi-pro football but probably just because it’s hilariously bad.

[via Deadspin]


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