The Twins Have a Good Moving Company.

The Twins crashed out of the playoffs this year against the Yankees in the ALCS, leaving behind the Metrodome for their new park, Target Field. Things obviously have to be moved to the new park (but not the crap they sold off to desperate fans) including, hey look its Joe Mauer in bubble-wrap. Yeah, you should probably bring him with you. Michael Cuddyer and Joe Nathan also made the trip in the back of the truck.

Oh, and for some reason a White Sox fan got in the back of the truck for the move too.

One question though, what’s with Minnesota teams moving their stadiums outside. The University of Minnesota moved their football field outside and now the Twins? I understand the home field advantage aspect, but it is absolutely FREEZING up there.

As for the Metrodome, I expect them to simply implode it. That’s so weak, imploding stadiums is so played out. May I suggest an EXplosion? How badass would that be?


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