About Transcension Media Group

Ascension Media Group

Ascension Media is a group of websites delivering packaged media and humor with specific topics of interest.

Mission Statement:
Ascension Media Group (AMG) is a web-based company providing sports, entertainment and news to an 18-24 male demographic. With the use of original stories, links and multimedia, AMG provides users with an up to date information and news with a warped sense of humor. We strive to develop new ways of transmit information using social media and word of mouth. We hope to provide users with information that will further their lives but note this will likely not happen.

TheNineCommandments.com (TNC) is Ascension Media Group’s flagship website. It is a sports blog based on the life and times of the world run but Mike Ditka, coach of the Super Bowl winning 1985 Chicago Bears. Using a warped sense of humor, TNC provides visitors with sports news without the objectivity of the mainstream media.

TranscendingAscension is a blog focused on reporting sports, entertainment, mainstream news and other random topics. TranscendingAscension, Ascension Media Group’s first site, strives to bring its users current media in an easy to use format on wordpress.


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