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Friday Links: Emma Watson approved.

July 10, 2009


Stallworth completes jail term – Remember when you heard about Donte Stallworth only getting 30 days for vehicular manslaughter while he was drunk and got really piss-ass drunk and drove home? Yeah, he just got out and only had to serve 24 of those days. You got resisting arrest. If only you were a star athlete. [ESPN]

Rob Dibble’s Posterior Tattoo – Rob Dibble, the Nationals color analyst has a tatoo of Ichiro’s name and number on his ass because of a lost bet. Side note: I don’t like Dibble one bit. He’s an out of towner that enjoys taking shots at the home team. I know they’re bad, but let’s try and be optimistic for once Rob. [DC Sports Bog]

The 5 Programs that are the Easiest to Dislike – I can honenstly agree with every team on this list. If you went there or go there, you’re a douche. [The Big Lead]

USC Football Players Everson Griffen and Jordan Campbell Arrested In Nantucket This Weekend – So if it’s important that student comes before athlete, where do we fit criminal in? [Barstool Sports]

Doubters motivate former MU quarterback Daniel – Maybe I link to Chase Daniel too much, but the guy is a legend at Mizzou and I only hope for the best on the ‘Skins. [KC City Star]

Is BCS violating Anti-Trust Laws? Yes, if it actually existed – I love college football but just like everyone else, the BCS is total bullshit. I say we take them over. VIVA LA REVOLUTION! [Fanhouse]

APATOW’S RED-BAND ‘FUNNY PEOPLE’ TRAILER – Absolutely cannot wait for this movie to come out. It’s billed more on the drama side but the damn things about comedians. It shall be good. [Film Drunk]



Tuesday links: BEAR SURFING SHARK GAH!!!

July 7, 2009


NRL star Nate Myles tells of hotel diarrhoea – I mean yeah, if I need to take a shit, I usually do it in the hallway too. I just won’t get suspended for six weeks. This guy did. []

Obama Calls Ovechkin “Outstanding” – The rest of the list of great Russians included the guy that invented vodka, the guy that… uh… that guy with the thing on his head… no that was a bad guy. Ok, so only OVI and the guy that invented vodka. Let’s call it a day. [DC Sports Bog]

Banned’s Massive Stacy Keibler Bikini and Lingerie Gallery – Nuff said. [Banned in Hollywood]

‘REAL’ PAINS -DC ALREADY FED UP WITH MTV FILMING – This really says something cause DC residents are some mean SOB’s. Except this is in Dupont Circle. That’s pretty much where the Queer Eye guys are from. Kinda. [New York Post]

Todd Reesing Really Loves Some Puppies – Don’t let him all that close to your dogs, he might give them that case of herpes he’s got.

CHAD OCHOCINCO TO TWITTER DURING GAMES – Not necessarily during games, but he did say he will at least do it at half-time. I approve. [With Leather]

College Football List Week: 5 Best Announcers – Ron Franklin is too low (should be #1). Damn I can’t wait for the season to start.

(773): smoked weed with Joakim Noah last night….if he was half as fast to the basket as he is to grab a joint from me we’d have another championship on our hands – Joakim Noah smokes weed? No way, I couldn’t tell cause I’M FUCKING BLIND. [TFLN]

Thursday Links: Expect the unexpected. Like a kid getting tackled by a Llama.

June 25, 2009


Los Angeles Times Writer Wonders Where Albert Pujols Gets His Talent. It really makes you wonder how the mainstream media can attack bloggers then turn around and do the exact same thing. Will Ken Rosenthal be attacking this guy? Nope. [Fanhouse]

Happy Trails Sergei Federov. It’s sad to see him go, but the Capitals simply could not take the salary cap hit by keeping him on board. Great year and all the best to a Russian legend. [Capitals Kremlin]

$5,000 Starting Bid for Magglio’s Hair on Ebay. Magglio Ordonez finally cut off those luscious locks of his and true to his word, selling them for charity. [Detroit4Lyfe]

Every athlete’s greatest nightmare is coming true: Woman selling sperm, supposedly from NBA players This story comes from what the eff -ville and really makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with people. [FanIQ]

College Football ‘09 Countdown: Missouri Senior Raechel Holtgrave Is Miss Hooters International 2009, Will Make You Forget Chase Daniel. Why haven’t I seen this girl on campus? Does she really exist? [Busted Coverage]

Ten Most Controversial Calls in Sports History. 5 downs. 5 freakin downs. [Amog]

Wyoming Driving Adventure Day 3 & 4. It really amazes me how long it’s taking Chris Cooley to get to Wyoming. I can get from DC to Missouri in 12 hours and it’s taking them this long to get to Wyoming. C’mon. [The Cooley Zone]

Dance Partners Reunited (Shaq and LeBron). I could beat both these guys in a dance-off. Bring it. [Intentional Foul]

Terrell Owens vs Krupa, More footage of Superstars, Video. ESPN is basically sucking it’s own rocks (ABC) with extra footage of T.O. and Joanna Krupa on SportsCenter. [NESW Sports]

It’s Finally Hitting The Fan, As Rajon Rondo’s Agent Is Getting Sick Of Danny Ainge’s Idiocy. Maybe Ainge just wanted to get Rondo out of Boston as fast as possible and that’s why he’s airing the grievances like Festivus came early this year. [FanIQ]

The United States-Spain Aftermath: Fun With Google Translations. T9C favorite: For its part, in ‘The New York Post’ the news of the victory the U.S. shares the stage with devaneos lovers Lindsay Lohan. [Deadspin]

Artist Creates Life-Size F1 Car Out Of Styrofoam. I totally could have done this better. But I have better things to do. Like blog. And, uh, yeah. I totally could do it better. [Jalopnik]

BRAZILIAN BIKINI BABE CATFIGHT. HOORAY! Only TruTV could really make this video seem like an episode of Destroyed in Seconds. [Warming Glow]

10 of the Funniest Bruno Video Clips. A lot of people are giving Sasha Baron Cohen guff (YEAH, I SAID GUFF) for his new movie Bruno but I’m completely sure I’ll be laughing just as hard as I did for Borat. [Unreality]

Monday Links: Wilk Mckean loves ‘merica.

June 22, 2009

Backstrom Dons NHL10 Cover In Europe. The Caps land another player on the cover of a video game. Very nice. [Capitals Kremlin]

Giant Cowboys Stadium LED wall caught playing Xbox 360 during downtime Update: Video! Can I play Madden on this thing? Please? [Engadget]

Trouble with the wife. You know, I think I’ve had the same problem before. I’m like Dr Phil with advice on this subject. [Buzz Feed]

So you’re saying there’s a chance. Rock the Red enlightens us with every teams odds at winning the Stanley Cup next year. Detroit is the favorite at 5-1. Meanwhile, the Caps are sitting at 10-1. I like those odds. [Rock The Red]

Vernon Davis: Outdoorsmen. Apparently wearing a man-purse (aka murse) is acceptable at outdoor events. Ok? [With Leather]

Barry Likes “The United,” Doesn’t Like “Redskins.” Only Marion Barry could smoke crack with a prostitute and disrespect two DC franchises in one interview and still get elected as a council member. [DC Sports Bog]

Joe Flacco + Rap = Headache. Really bad rap video from some rapper in Baltimore. Want to hear Flaccos name in a rap song? Me neither, but it’s in here. And by the way, Baltimore is probably one of the worst cities in America. [FanArchy Doghouse]

Brian “Boom Goes The Dynamite” Collins Career At Waco’s KXXV Is Over? Say it ain’t so. [Busted Coverage]

Coming Soon? (Brett Favre) Oh really, he decided to come back. I had no idea he was even thinking about it. I hope he sucks so bad Brad Childress has to put Tavaris Jackson back in. [Intentional Foul]

New Inglourious Basterds Trailer. Honestly can’t f-ing wait for this movie. [Gunaxin]

Friday Links: Cartoon Caps girls ushers in the weekend.

June 19, 2009


It’s Friday. I don’t care. You don’t care. But I really need some beer. Here here. Here here.

ESPN’s Chris McKendry Is On Guard Against Soccer Snobs, Semantics and The Open Mind. McKendry once again makes a bad name for ESPN (which is well deserved). Seriously, what’s wrong with trying to fit into a culture that actually accepts soccer? RIDDLE ME THAT! [The Big Lead]

Dontrelle Willis Has Mental Problems, Man. It’s not a mental problem to think D-Will sucks. It’s common logic. MIS-DIAGNOSIS GOOD SIR! [Detroit4Lyfe]

Washington Redskins By the Numbers: #21 – Sean Taylor, Why We Say “We” (Interview Larry Coker). Yea, I recruited Sean. His physical presence, his size and his speed. Sean Taylor could have played safety, linebacker, or running back at the University of Miami. [Hogs Haven]

GIRL FIGHT!!!! Some Phillies fans try to distract themselves from actually walking the Phillies. [The Fightins]

FOTA teams to launch breakaway series. The end of Formula 1 is near. Weak sauce. []

All PGA Players Have a Sucky New York Accent, Video Proof. Shame on you. Shame on you all. [NESW Sports]

Roenick’s Mess Up Highlights Odd Night At The NHL Awards In Vegas. Just another awkward moment from last night. [Total Pro Sports]

The All-Busted Gridiron Pen Game. Criminals can make one solid NFL team. [Sparty and Friends]

Tweet Psych. What do you tweet about? [Tweet Psych]

Cat attacks rottweiler. I’m telling you, these cats are dangerous. They all need to be put down immediately.

Laptop Hunters: Jake. Jake needs a laptop that supports his pornography habit. [Funny or Die]

15-Year-Old Texting Champ Wins $50,000. You know, you can just call someone if you need to. [Switched]

Thursday Links: NOW WITH BONUS NHL COVERAGE! and other stuff too.

June 18, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts today. Lot’s to do with little time to do it in.

Before I get to the links I want to discuss the NHL awards that are to be given out tonight. I’m not going to bore you trying to defend Alex Ovechkin, mostly because if you’re a regular reader you can tell which way I lean. That said, I do expect OVI to take home the Hart Trophy over Malkin and Datsyuk. I don’t think Datsyuk really has a chance of winning so the rce really comes down to Malkin and OVI. It’s so close that just being a Capitals fan sways me to the crazy Russian that is Ovechkin.

The Vezina Trophy (best goalkeeper) seems like a toss-up so I’m just going to jump on board with Steve Mason of the Columbus Blue Jackets. He didn’t play for a great team and was still able to record 10 shut-outs. I don’t really watch a lot of Mason’s games but just the fact that he’s out there working hard, I respect that (terrible adaptation of Hansel’s Sting quote from Zoolander).

The James Norris Memorial Trophy (best defenseman) will go to Mike Green. I’ve respected this guys play all season and have actually been able to admire it as a Caps fan, considering the limited amount of hockey I watch. He can put the puck in the back of the net and provides excellent leadership for the Capitals.

I hate to do it but I’m taking a guess that Malkin will win the Pearson award. As a Capitals fan it just seemed as if everybody loved Ovechkin, but reading a lot of blogs makes me think otherwise. NBC talked about it during the Caps series with the Rangers that people were aggrivated with Ovechkin for being so out there. He’s won it before, but this may not be his year.

Bonus from the Review Journal: “Ovechkin still might be smarting from his team’s loss to the Penguins, because he also had no interest in talking about Pittsburgh’s other young superstar, center Sidney Crosby, who surprisingly isn’t a finalist for any award today.

“I don’t want to talk about it, about him,” said Ovechkin, who gives himself a “50-50 chance” to repeat as the Hart winner.”

Should be exciting and I’m looking forward to the results. On to the links!

“Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History.” And who would have guessed, ESPN is involved with half of them. Also big ups to The Washington Posts Dan Steinberg for being on the list just because he’s a blogger. [Real Clear Sports]

“Rajon Rondo Out of Boston? His Bad Attitude Has Prompted the Celtics to Shop him.” I’m surprised by this just because he’s a young, talented player on a team who has three major stars that will be out of the league in two years. [North Station Sports]

“Latest Crazy NBA Trade Rumor: Amar’e To The T-Wolves for Al Jefferson and the Sixth Pick.” We all know Amare Stoudamire will be leaving Phoenix, but Suns fans should be very happy with this deal. [Fan IQ]

Terry Holland is the best thing to happen to ECU since… well, ever. “We sort of adopted the idea that we would schedule our own damned bowl games,” Holland says. Hell yes Holland. [News-Record]

“Orioles Might Regret 2005 Media Guide.” Just take a look and laugh for yourself without the encouragement of me. But you should laugh. C’mon just laugh at something you see here once. Please? [Real Clear Sports]

“Playing big-money road football games one of the ways Boise State will try to make money.” Due to budget cuts, Boise State will be looking for some big games with guaranteed money. Maybe this will create a big non-conference game. I sure as hell hope so. [Idaho Statesman]


Wednesday Links: Foxy. Megan Foxy.

June 17, 2009

[via Hot Clicks]

Great Moments In Gambling: Cleveland Seagulls Cost Man His House [Deadspin]

Chris Cooley is a cool dude, but he throws like a girl. [Mister Irrelevant]

When Will the Tigers Put an End to the D-Train Willis Wreck? [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

Chick MMA Fighter chokes out reporter [Fan Dome]


The newest Nike Puppets commercial with Kobe and LeBron. I really hope they make this a staple of their marketing efforts in the future. [Intentional Foul]

A bonus college football link to accompany my last post on NCAA Football 10. I’m just f-ing excited. [Youtube]

Female Tennis Players: Faking It More Than Meg Ryan? [Jezebel]

“True to your school” is a listing of the best (1) Basketball player; (2) Football player; (3) Baseball player and (4) WIldcard, which could be any sport, anything semi-involving sport or if it’s good enough a cool alumni who has nothing at all to do with sports. Nice list, can’t wait till it’s expanded further. [Joe Posnanski]

How the American Man really spends his day. [Esquire]

THE ADAM SANDLER BABY, CLICHES EXPLAINED (clip from Funny People) [Film Drunk]


Monday Links: Still got my hangover shades on.

June 15, 2009

New Kids on the Block are losers

Have fun with these fun links and stuff. Don’t hurt yourself.

Trent Green, everyones favorite doormat, retired over the weekend after 15 seasons in the league. TO BROADCASTING! [ESPN]

D-Wade is a pranksta gangsta. Eh, it sounded cool in my head. [NESW Sports]

As Kevin Garnett would say, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” Exhibit B: Troy Aikman graduated from UCLA. [Fanhouse]

Greg Ostertag is over 7 feet tall, which makes it weird to see him playing hockey. [The Big Lead]

Pat White got drafted for the third time in his life. First by the Anaheim Angels in the fourth round in 2004, then the Miami Dolphins this year, and mst recently the NY Yankees in the 48th round. I think he’ll be sticking with the Dolphins. [FanHouse]

What’s Ed O’Bannon doing now that he’s out of the league? Selling cars of course! [Washington Post]

Note to Ricky Rubio: Brandon Jennings is not impressed. [ESPN]

Arlington: The Rap. Favorite line:
So many places to choose
you’re gonna like to pick
I’m in Courthouse so much that
they call me Michael Vick

What if Predator was a little gay? NOW YOU KNOW! [Holy Taco]

Hardly Working: Rap Battle (must-watch). [College Humor]


Have a good Monday and see you tomorrow!


June 12, 2009


Before I get to the Friday links, I wan’t to address something. I’m not a Detroit Red Wings fan. I have friends who are fans of the Red Wings, but I am personally a Capitals fan because I’m from DC. That’s why I’ve been so against the Penguins this Stanley Cup Final, not because I’m from Michigan. I hate the Penguins. Period.

On to the links:

We’re Pretty Excited About Game 7. [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

Straight up: Wrigley Field is probably the most disgusting place on earth. [Home Run Derby]

Tom Brokaw does a report about “the Internet.” Groundbreaking stuff right there. [Warming Glow]

Tyler Hansbrough is blaming bloggers for his inevitable drop in NBA draft. Sorry man, but this is mostly because you played on a stacked team for four years at UNC. [Sports Radio Interviews]

How does Christiano Ronaldo celebrate his 80 million pound transfer? He spends a night in Paris. Hilton. [With Leather]

Awesome Boyfriend Ties Kids Up In Garage So He Can Enjoy The Game In Peace [Deadspin]

Thigh of the Week: Giorgia Palmas [Sharapovas Thigh]

Danielle Lloyd brings you Thursday’s links.

June 11, 2009

Danielle Lloyd 9

Welcome to the Thursday link dump brought to you by the beautiful Danielle Lloyd. Check out all the links as well as Ms. Lloyd’s own personal gallery at the bottom.

Dan Marino is selling his palatial Mansion in Weston, Florida for a cool $13.5 million. Too bad no one wants to buy it. [The Big Lead]

Reaction on the Outside The Lines piece from Jerod Morris, the blogger that called out Raul Ibanez for POSSIBLY using steroids. [Midwest Sports Fans]

Tony Romo’s Facebook page. Super Classico! [Hogs Haven]

Full guide to the best Tweeters the Nations Capital has to offer. @LinsdayCzarniak is a must, even though she barely tweets. [Mister Irrelevant]

There is no way the Nationals are doing this on accident. All these FAILworthy happenings are going to turn out to be a publicity stunt. You heard it here first [DC Sports Bog]

Urban Meyer says his Gators are a good group of kids. So that’s why they’ve been involved in 24 arrests since 2005. I can’t wait till Tebow gets busted with crack. [ESPN]

AW FAWK Scorcese and DiCaprio doin’ anover movie wit Bawston accents. [Film Drunk]

Stan Van Gundy’s face is falling off. [College Humor]